"You-Marketing" against "me-Marketing": pushing product of agricultural (Saffron) producers.

How to turn from a "me-marketing" to a "you-marketing" approach developing your selling skills.

One of the most common negative habits among agricultural producers is to naturally develop a "me-marketing".

What's "Me-marketing"?
Imagine to watch yourself at mirror, all the time.

me marketing

"Me-marketing" is:
-talking always from your point of view
-describing what's good according to you
-listing reasons to buy according to your interests
-using mostly sentences like "we are...", "we produce...", "we sell...". "We produce the best corn in the north of...", "Our apples are considered the tastiest in our country...", "It Is 35 years that Our company is working in oranges market..."

What's wrong in general?
Your customers don't care about you!
They care only about what's good/nice/convenient/useful/tasty/attractive according to their pov and their interests. 
In other words, they care only about VALUE.

You really have to put yourself in their shoes if you want to correctly plan your selling strategy.

For example: company stories on sites are boring and ignored by most users.

Why? People have no time. And even less every day. 
Everyone is overbusy to manage and filter hundreds of selling messages. Do you really think your family company stories are worth your customer spend their few time?

These storie are "Me-mkt". They talk about your point of view.

What's in it for me?
This is the main question customers ask when reading or listening something regarding your company.

You have to talk or to write things they're interested about.

It doens't matter your oranges are good according to you.
If your (potential) customers are interested in BIG oranges, you should talk about how much big they are (if they are).

Example. Think you are going to buy snow tires for your car.
1-Think the salesman starts to talk about how good their summer tires are. They're new, they're cheap, they guarantee great road holding...and so on.
Salesman talks for 30 minutes about summer tires but you need snow tires.

2-think your main need is to have a long lasting tire. 
You don't need a great road holding because your driving style is quiet. But the salesman talks about how their snow tires are good with sporty driving style, and underlines how good are the materials and how's the tire profile.

Do you think situations 1 and 2 represent a good marketing approach? No way.

What's "You-marketing"?
The first goal of a skilled salesman is to find customer's needs and to offer a product/service according to this.

In the tires example, a good salesman should ask you what type of use do you want to do with.
And later should offer you tires specifically designed to be long lasting and so talk about how many month/years they will last according to your drive style.

At the end you'll discuss about the price.

But if the salesman won't talk about your needs, he'll never arrive to the "price step".

From a communication point of view, you should
mantain focus on the word "you" and "your".

"What you'll receive is..."
"Your business..."
"Your company needs for ..."
"This product may/will help you to..."
and so on.

Example. Selling courier services.
Pay attention to the difference between:
"We deliver your pack at high speed"
"Your pack will arrive to your customers always in time"

In the second sentence we talk from the customer's point of view. He's interested in giving to his clients the best shipment service.
"high speed" doesn't communicate the concrete advantage. 
"...arrive ALWAYS IN TIME" does it.

Now it's your turn.Take your product/service and make a list as below.

  1. Start analyzing your typical customer's needs FROM THEIR POINT OF VIEW
  2. Then think about what features of your product could be related to customer needs. If you can't find any, you should start thinking of modify or add something to your product!
  3. At last write how these features determine customer's advantages.

After completing the list you should start to focus your communication on "you-sentences" when talking to your customers.

"This high fiber and low carbohydrates bread will help you to mantain a low calories level diet"
"If you're searching for a bread with a low impact on your weight management..."
"You can trust on a product that will garantee you an high protein provision keeping a low carb level"

  • Focus on "you-marketing": always think from your customer's point of view
  • Think you can sell something only if your product gives precise advantages to your customers
  • In your business communication underline the connection between product Features and Advantages for customer's 
Feel free to ask me any question.

See you soon,


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