Who are your customers? First step to sell your (agricultural) products.

What's the First thing you should know before you start to sell to a customer?

customer identity
What's the First thing you should know before you purchase a gift for a special friend?

-what she/he likes
-what she/he dislikes
-what she/he has already 
-what other friends are about to giving her/him

So, what's different between your special friend and your customer?

Your (potential) customer is really harder to treat than your friend!
If your gift isn't nice, your friend will forgive you. Your customers will not, instead.


If you think to sell everything to everyone you are selling nothing to anyone.

If you think to sell something to everyone you are selling to no one.

If you think to sell everything to your customer you are selling noything.

Nowadays your first goal must be to give an high customized service to your customers.
You have to know everything about him/her.

You have to know who your customers are.

You should sell VALUE.

Selling VALUE means giving your customers what they're willing to pay for.
Selling VALUE means giving your customers something capable to fix one specific problem or satisfy one specific need.

When you know to whom you're selling, you could define perfectly your VALUE PROPOSITION.

You could face 2 possible situations.
1-You're planning a new product
2-You've already a product and you need to better focus on your customers.

1-you should know first your customers and your market and later produce according to your customers needs and wants.
But you also need to differentiate what you do. In this article I've discussed widely how to do this.

2-you should focus on what features of your product could be related to a niche where you can dominate as leader. Check this article.

Whatever is your situation, you should think on how to DIFFERENTIATE from others.

Many agricultural producers fall in love with their own products.
Great! But Better they think if there are reasons why someone else is willing to pay for their product.
In other words, they should think constantly about how to make people fall in love with their product.

love agricultural product

This gap between thinking your product is great and make sure (potential) customers love your product, MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

Producers are often too emotionally and materially involved with their product, to evaluate impartially what's happening out there.
It's really hard to accept people doesn't like our product.
And even worse it's hard to change what we think it's already "perfect".

The simplest question producers often forget or pretend to forget is "WHY?"
If you are trying to pushing your product, you better ask yourself everyday and every moment:"WHY?"

WHY someone should buy my product?

HOW my product could fix someone's specific problem?
HOW my product could satisfy someone's specific needs?

HOW my product could help someone in a DIFFERENT way from other existing products?

Fill the columns with YOUR answers

It could differ in many ways:
  • The product itself
  • When it's sold
  • Where it's sold
  • How it's brought
  • How often it's available
  • How easy it's to use
  • How easily it can be combined with other products
  • Any physical feature that makes your product "better" for your potential customer
  • ...
At the end of this self-analysis you should be able to say: 
"I'm the only one who ...." or " my product differs from others because..."


-Only if you know very well your (potential) customers, you can bring them VALUE.

-When you are able to identify problems and needs of your customers you can make your VALUE PROPOSITION.

-Don't fall in the trap of loving blindly your product and answer constantly to questions about the DIFFERENCES between you and your competitors.

Feel free to ask me any question.

See you soon,


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