Saffron: is price a good indicator for quality?

Is price a good indicator for Saffron quality?


Paella with Saffron

Paella with Saffron

Recently I've heard people talking about how they've prepared Yellow risotto or italian "Risotto alla milanese". 
They used a sachet of Saffron bought in a superstore.

So I asked them a simple question: "Why do you buy a high value spice in a superstore?" The answer was: "It's cheaper!"

So, I really think there's a widely diffused problem of not be aware of what we eat and mostly a lack of thinking about how the food is produced, before we decide to buy a particular brand or product.

As I've already written in a previous article, there are a large number of reasons why Saffron is considered a precious spice since ancient times.

But Saffron is NOT always the same, or to say better, not everything that is labelled as saffron is authentic saffron.

3 Questions for you:

1)Why d'you think some companies decide to use a non-transparent sachet instead of glass jar?

2)How can price in superstore be so low, despite all big Organised distribution costs (big organization's costs, packaging costs, shipping costs, employees salaries, advertising)?

3) Do you trust in a product you can't see?

Many companies are not really interested in bringing customer quality and healthy food. Often they're focused only on drammatically reducing costs and increasing profit.

Remember: in any field, for every product or service, Quality costs

High quality cultivations, expecially organic cultivations, need more work and are produced in less quantities than ordinary ones.

Some company are able to produce same quality at a little lower price but not at a noticeable lower price.

So my suggestion is always to choose Quality. Eat Less but Better. 

Authentic High Quality Saffron

Choose carefully what you eat. Saffron is drammatically subjected to adulteration and fraud, considering the high value per gram.

In particular, when Saffron is sold in powder, it can be easily mixed with other no-saffron dried flowers, or even worst, with some no-food ingredient.

I'd never buy a Ferrari at the price of a cheap city car!

Saffron production demands a huge amount of work, and to be sure of buying authentic saffron we'd better think of spend the right price.
Not more and above all, not less.

SIMPLY: authentic Saffron CAN'T be produced without paying the RIGHT price to cover the high costs incurred by farmers.

IN CONCLUSION: refuse to buy low price saffron. Choose the Quality.

See you soon, 


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