Saffron spice against anxiety and depression

Has Saffron spice positive effects against anxiety and depression?

The answer is: it could.

About anxiety
There are some investigations on rats, that seem to show some relation between the main Saffron spice active principles and reduction of anxiety. (1)

Why did I write "It could"? Because these type of studies need absolutely more deep investigation and furthermore to measure effects on humans.

About depression
There are investigations done either on humans or animals (mices). These studies seem to underline a positive relation between mild depression reduction and Saffron spice active principles contained also in stigmas (threads) or in tepals. (1)

It's absolutely necessary to say 2 things: 
-Studies done on humans need to be carried through a more significant number of people and need a larger official experimentation to be considered scientifically approved. 

-Experimentations on animals CAN'T BE automatically assimilated to human.

In conclusion.
My personal opinion is to consider (at the moment) Saffron as a great source of antioxidants, that in general have always positive effects on human health, and as excellent ingredient in food for aroma, taste and color. About the effects on health, it's necessary to wait for more accurate experimentation.

Saffron threads

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(1) Carmen Licón • Manuel Carmona• Silvia Llorens •Maria Isabel Berruga • Gonzalo L. Alonso* (2010) Potential Healthy Effects of Saffron Spice (Crocus sativus L. Stigmas) Consumption. In: Husaini AM (Ed) Saffron. Global Science Books, UK, pp. 67


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