How much does a Saffron yellow Risotto cost?

In this very short post we will do a simple calculations to understand how much a Saffron Risotto costs.

2 tips.

Vialone Nano rice
1-Rice. Use only High Quality Rice: a Vialone Nano IGP for example.
A Carnaroli can also be good.

                  Our Organic Saffron in whole stigmas

2-Saffron: we're talking about authentic Saffron, in threads. The so-called "sachets", for us, are not to be confused with true Saffron.

But you can do the proof.

Open a sachet and try to smell it. Then open a jar of our saffron in stigmas and you will understand what we mean.

Cost of a Saffron Risotto for 3 people.
- Rice: 3 portions of 60g. Cost of an excellent Vialone Nano IGP(6 eur / kg) = 0.06x3x6 = 1.1 eur

- Saffron: 10 threads, or about 0.05g. Cost of 0.05g of our organic saffron about 1.65 eur.

Total = 1,1 + 1,65 = 2,75 eur for an excellent risotto for 3 people.

Check our video for how to prepare Saffron for your dishes.

See you soon,


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