Turning your current agricultural product into a Successful one-Marketing for (Saffron) Farmers

How does an agricultural product become Successful among thousands?

In a previous article I've discussed about the 1st step for approaching Marketing for Farmer's in a simple way.

Today I'm leading you to start thinking in a different way about your product.
What I mean is to keep your product as it is, but change HOW it's brought to the customers.
Our goal is to think out of your current schemes.

We'll focus on 2 words:


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We love routine.

People love routine because we feel well in things we know well. We feel comfortably with it because our body needs less energy when works always in the same way.
Every situation of change requires more energy, more stress, more resources.
And we naturally tend to save resources and to avoid stress.

Einstein said: "doing thing always in the same way expecting different results is the real Insanity"

What I mean reporting this quote is that if you notice that what you are producing as farmer doesn't satisfy yourself, or doesn't bring profitable results, perhaps it's time to change something.

Or to say it in other way:

If something doesn't work, CHANGE IT!

Often what prevents us from be more effective or even successful is ourself!

When we deeply think that things can't change, you can bet things will never change.
Because we can't create the right mental conditions and concrete actions to make the change happen.
Or to say it differently, we can't take the right opportunities that happen to us.

In this article I'm talking about taking your CURRENT PRODUCT and bringing it to a successful one.

DIFFERENCE makes the Difference.
Why am I talking about difference?
Because the very FIRST goal of your product is to be different from the others.

Be different
Saffron's flowers are naturally violet. 

Why has product to differ?
Simple. In a niche in which you are different, and possibly the only one to do a thing in a particular way, you can be the best. And you will set the price.


How much important is to face with competitor's prices in your business area ?
How much of your revenues depends on price level, discounts, offers and so on?

Read carefully: to be different isn't easy.
Because otherwise each of your competitor could easily do it.

Why isn't easy to be different?
Because we need to think very deeply about Who we are and What we do, and subsequently Who we want to be and What we want to do. 
I've discussed about this topic in this previous article.

So, How to be Different?
One simple example.
Think you're selling steel nails.
You're in a marketplace among other 99 sellers, and everyone sells 5 cm long steel nails, all with the same round head, with the same hardness, the same thickness, all the same.

You sell same identical nails as other 99 sellers.
What's your strategy to defeat competitors?

If you sell your nails in the same identical way of the other 99, the only "winning" strategy is to lower the price. But an other seller can do the same. And another one can lower again. 
Again and again the price of 5 cm steel nails will go down in a price battle.
Can you guess who wins a price battle?

Nobody wins.

When market price for a product is set low, you will never be able to raise it for the same product.
And when price is set low, your production costs could overcome your revenues.

But you could adopt another strategy.
Think about what I've said you before: BE DIFFERENT.
Try to do something that any other else is able to do.

First example of strategy.
Imagine you're selling in Iceland. Imagine all sellers speak fluently english. you start to study Icelandic language. Or even better, you begin to learn the local dialect. And none of other sellers do this.
Thanks to this, you succeed in creating a strong empathy with customers.
You keep your price higher than other sellers, and you succeed because people don't want to only buy nails, but also to talk with someone able to explain how to use them in their native language.
Your price is independent from other competitors.
Your product is the same but you're SERVING it in a different way!
You win!

Second example of strategy.
You're the only one to sell nails in bulk. Every other seller has 10 pcs pack, 20 pieces pack, 100 pieces pack.
You buy a scale, and now you are able to sell 1 piece at the time, because you sell by weight and not by numer of pieces.
And people are willing to pay 1 nail 20% more than the price of a 10 pcs pack divided by 10.
You are now able to be first in a sub-market of people that want to buy fiew pieces at time.
Your product is the same but you're SERVING it in a different way!
You win!

THINK not only about THE PRODUCT ITSELF, but about SERVICE you can give.

Service scheme product farmer

  • How is it packed?
Number of pieces? Appearence? Weight? Dimensions? Materials?
Can you change/improve one or more of these parameters to offer a better service?

  • How is it sold?
Can you change type and number of basic informations or additional informations?
Could it be better to change days in which product is sold? Or where it is sold? 
Are your Salespeople trained properly?
Can you make easiest to buy your product? 
Are your shop hours focused on customer habits? Could your shop hours be more focused on when people have more time for shopping?

Can you give a better customer care service? Often the difference between keeping a loyal customer and losing the customer is in the additional care service.
Are you asking "how is it going?", "Is it all ok with my product?", "How can we give you a better product?" And so on.

  • How is it served?
Can you give an additional service to your product? Free shipping? Extra discounts for more quantities? Free access to useful informations?

Can you make easiest to pick the product? Can move your shop nearer to your customers? Can you improve your service in other languages?
  • How is it xxxxx?

You can ask many other questions about areas you think are worth to be investigated. The effectiveness of this work depends on you.
Your success depends on you.
Don't expect someone else will give you the keys of success.

THINK about be DIFFERENT and keep in mind that be BETTER regards customer's POINT of VIEW, not yours.

To simply change isn't our purpose. 
You have to be BETTER than BEFORE for your CUSTOMERS.

And to do this you have to talk to them. 
I'll discuss about importance of customers feedback in a new article LINK.

To make successful your product you don't necessary need to have a different product, but it could be enough to give a different service related to your product.

Now it's your turn: take one of your products and think every possible way of serving it differently.
Take the scheme above and answer to all the questions. Write everything! Is really important to write your anwers in order to make this suggestions work.

Feel free to ask me questions.

See you soon,


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