Saffron healing action against Alzheimer's disease

In November 2017, an important study on the Saffron's effects against Alzheimer's disease has been published.

Antonio Orlacchio, director of the Neurogenetic Lab of Cerc (European Centre of  Research on Brain) and professor of Genetics at University of Perugia, is author of the study published on 'Journal of the Neurological Sciences'.: 

"Trans-crocetin improves amyloid-β degradation in monocytes from Alzheimer's Disease patients"

Alzheimer's disease is a really severe condition.
Its main symptoms are:

Memory loss that disrupts daily life

Challenges in planning or solving problems

Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure

Confusion with time or place

New problems with words in speaking or writing

Decreased or poor judgment

Changes in mood and personality


Now, this study of an italian medical equipe, suggests that a possible concrete application of Saffron extracts could help the Alzheimer's disease healing.

This new hope for the sick people has determined great expectations.

alzheimer disease

Infact many healing properties of Crocus sativus are known from the past despite clinical investigations are still few.

This new study probably opens a new frontier in the research about Saffron properties.

old happy couple

Crocetins are molecules contained in Saffron's cells, and are responsible for the yellow color.

saffron's yellow color

Many studies on animals have been already done about these molecules properties.

This new study, regards effects on humans instead. This witness the great potential on health of this spice.

Probably other studies on Saffron's effects against other diseases will be done in the next future.

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