When is it the best moment to seed the Saffron bulbs?

Many people ask how to choose the best moment to seed the Saffron bulbs.

Saffron slows down and later stops vegetal activity from about June to August in north hemisphere of the earth: leaves fall and roots are no more visible.

Infact, starting from June, bulbs could be extract from the soil in order to sell them or to transfer them in an other soil.

Saffron bulbs

The plant activity re-starts at the end of the summer, and becomes high after the 21st or 22nd of September (equinox), because daylight period becomes shorter then night-time.

When is it the best moment to seed the Saffron bulbs?

During all the summer the bulbs could be seeded.

But there are some days better then other to help a better flower production.

I recommend to plan seeding as soon as possible, compatibly with all soil and weather parameters conditions, in order to:

-better keep bulbs safe: storage in a warehouse needs appropriate boxes and space and besides determines risk of parasites attack (rats)

-give bulbs the opportunity to be protected from summer hot weather, because soil very efficiently protects from thermal excursions

-give bulbs the opportunity to adapt themeselves gradually to climatic variations before they start the new activity: for example if you buy bulbs from a far country.

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