What are Saffron spice threads/strands?

What in Saffron spice threads or strands stand for?

Saffron spice derives from a part of the Crocus sativus L. flower.

In particular the spice comes from the female part of the flower, scientifically called "stigma" or "stigmas". 

saffron flower parts

When the stigmas are separated from the rest of the flower we can see the spice as you already know it (see picture below).

saffron threads or stigmas

The real pure and high quality Saffron is sold in whole threads (dried stigmas). 

But may be you have seen Saffron spice sold as powder by some company.
Often they choose to sell powder to hide other no-Saffron plant parts, in order to increase total weight. Or, even worse, to add artificial yellow colourants to make product release yellow more quickly.

There's a simple test to recognize fake from real Saffron spice.

I suggest to only buy Saffron in whole threads, and also to choose Organic cultivation to really have high quality product.

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